Sliding Wardrobes

With a range of different fitted sliding wardrobe door options, these beautiful fitted wardrobes feature the ability to completely transform a room.

A stylish alternative to traditional built in wardrobes, our fitted sliding wardrobes are designed to provide a range of modern storage systems which are remarkably flexible, even in awkward spaces.

Our collection of sliding wardrobes are available in four stunning designs with a range of finishes and widths giving you the flexibility to add your own personal touch. Built to the highest standards, our fitted sliding wardrobes offer a high quality finish from the smooth running of the sliding doors to the clever soft close mechanism.

Our new Moda range of sliding wardrobes is simply stunning. The doors and frame come in a choice of three frame finishes, while you can then choose one of many fascia colours for the centre panel of the fitted wardrobe doors. Blending your choices seamlessly throughout the rest of the room, Moda doors slide effortlessly and make a powerful design statement.

Choose Your Style

We have four stunning ranges of quality-assured wardrobes, each available in a range of sizes, finishes and handles, allowing complete personalisation of the furniture. We’re proud of our work, and we build furniture to the highest standard to make it as durable as possible.

In addition to providing a stylish look, all of our fitted wardrobe doors incorporate a quality soft close action that cushions closure and eliminates slamming.

Single Panel Stylish
The one panel range offers simple, uncluttered and timelessly stylish options, great for a traditional design

Three Panel Popular
Our range of three-panelled doors offers even more. With extensive colour and finish options, the three-panelled doors can be given a highly personalised look, anything from contemporary elegance to vibrant splashes of colour, and enhance the presence of your wardrobe

Five Panel Luxury
The five-panelled doors are the ultimate in contemporary design and expressive statements. Featuring bold lines and an extensive choice of vivid colours, this is the option for all those who are after an ultra-modern, confident style

Moda – Full Customisation
Finally, our Moda range includes our newest and most stunning designs. With extensive choice of colour, texture and fascia colour, Moda offers almost limitless customisation to find your dream wardrobe. Patterns can range from traditional, classic patterns to chic modern blasts of colour and ultra-modern curved doors.

Book a free design visit today by phone – 07771 800565 or using the booking form here, and we will be happy to give advice and recommendations on how to best use the space in your room, as well as quote an estimate if you’re interested in proceeding further.

  • Date
    January 5, 2016
    1 Panel Simplicity Simple and stylish, single panel doors offer an practical yet attractive storage solution that creates the illusion of space through their large size. Different finishes can be used for different effect or combined to express your inner creativity. Mirrored doors make the room even more light and spacious, while a traditional plain finish displays sophistication and restraint. Less can be more. All our doors are built with […]
  • Date
    January 5, 2016
    3 Panel Elegance Add to the impact of your wardrobes with extra panels to customise as you wish. With the choice of smart linking patterns or bold and abstract displays, the choices are almost endless. All our doors are built with a soft close mechanism to eliminate noise.
  • Date
    January 5, 2016
    5 Panel Distinction A passionate display, this range of panels offers the ultimate show of confidence and flair. If you want a striking display that will catch any eye, you need not look further than this All our doors are built with a soft close mechanism to eliminate noise.