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Fitted Bedrooms

Our beautiful range of fitted bedrooms has something for everyone. Want a warm, homey feeling bedroom with deep, rich colours? Try Carnaby Walnut.

Prefer a clean, modern white that accentuates elegance and sophistication? Have a look at Charlotte. Have a burning desire to express your inner creativity and flair with splashes of colour and texture? Our brand new Moda range is for you.

At Cornwall Bedrooms we cater for all style preferences, and our bedrooms offer the best in space optimisation. Awkward corners? Slanting ceiling? No problem. We’re happy to offer a free design visit to plan out your space as effectively as possible and provide you with a quote in addition to helpful advice.


Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding wardrobes offer a functional yet elegant solution to storage problems. Our range of sliding wardrobes can easily be fit around classic problem areas such as corners and slanting ceilings, while still being effortlessly stylish.

We currently have four excellent ranges of sliding wardrobe. Simple an elegant, the one-panel range is a perfect starting point. If you still want more, the three-panel design offers more customisation and more options to give your wardrobes a more individual look - guaranteed to impress. For those after a vibrant and contemporary style, the five-panel design is bold and expressive. Alternately, striking, floor-length mirrors can add swathes of light and space to room.

Our newest range of sliding wardrobe doors is Moda, the ultimate in creative choices and personal touches. With hundred of combinations of colours, fascias and finishes, Moda will give you the most freedom possible in designing your wardrobes.

See Sliding Wardrobe Doors here

Walk in wardrobes

These stunning yet practical walk-in wardrobes will make the most of your space and optimise clothes storage, while offering a stunningly beautiful and glamorous design that’s guaranteed to impress.

Every installation is designed to maximise every last millimetre of available space and all include a range of clever storage solutions to suit your every need - as someone once cleverly coined the phrase: "A place for everything and everything in its place"

With a choice of modern Pearwood, a light and refreshing finish, or the deeply rich Mid Walnut, step inside and find the perfect walk-in wardrobe for you.


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