Dear customers,

Due to the lifting of some restrictions regarding coronavirus we are now permitted to undertake surveys providing we abide by social distancing rules. We carry hand sanitisers, face masks and gloves with us when we visit clients and these can always be used and worn to make yourselves feel more comfortable while we take measurements. We would advise that any communications are done with the 2 m distancing rule and that we are permitted to take the measurements of the room in complete isolation to avoid any contact being made. This would normally take 15 to 20 minutes for a standard room, 20 to 30 minutes for angled ceilings or rooms with awkward features.

If, as some of you may well feel, that you don’t at present wish us to come into your property then we can still plan and quote a room for you by using the methods below or you can call to arrange a site visit for the future when things are hopefully getting back to normal, if that is what you prefer.

Here are the options for us to plan a bedroom for you and to give you an estimated quote.

1) If you are happy to give us approximate measurements (the more accurate the better but not to essential at this stage) and an idea of the interiors you require then we can plan a bedroom on this information and email this and an estimate across to you. A range can be chose from our website as normal by clicking on the brochure link or I can email a brochure across to you directly.

2) If you are able to draw a rough sketch of you room and what you would like with measurements on we can work off this to send a plan and estimate across to you. Again a range can be chose from our website as normal by clicking on the brochure link or I can email a brochure across to you directly.

The more information the better, if windows and doors, ceiling heights and width of beds could be included then that would be really appreciated but if only the width of the walls where you want the furniture to go is available then we can still comfortably work off that.

All plans, measurements and quotes, if acceptable, would all be confirmed on an arranged site visit once the samples have been viewed and the government restrictions have been fully lifted and most importantly it is 100% safe for all parties involved to meet.

If there are any questions that you would like to ask please feel free to contact us on the phone numbers or email address at the top of this page.

Thank you and please stay safe.

Fitted Bedrooms

Our beautiful range of fitted bedrooms has something for everyone. Why not try the modern Milan in a smooth light grey or a woodgrain white ash effect.

Prefer a clean, modern slab door Have a look at the Solo range or a shaker door in the style of the Kingsbury.

At Cornwall Bedrooms we cater for all style preferences, and our bedrooms offer the best in space optimisation.

Awkward corners? Slanting ceiling? No problem. We’re happy to offer a free design visit to plan out your space as effectively as possible and provide you with a quote in addition to helpful advice.


Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding wardrobes offer a functional yet elegant solution to storage problems. Our range of sliding wardrobes can easily be fitted around chimney breasts and other awkward shaped rooms.

We currently have four excellent ranges of sliding wardrobe.

The panorama range comes in 1,3 and 5 panel doors in any colour shown with the option of fully or part mirrored doors.

The Moda, Veneer and Milton coming in a framed finish with the option of an integrated mirror panel which can add swathes of light and space to your room.


Walk in wardrobes

These stunning yet practical walk-in wardrobes will make the most of your space and optimise clothes storage, while offering a stunningly beautiful and glamorous design that’s guaranteed to impress.

Every installation is designed to maximise every last millimetre of available space and all include a range of clever storage solutions to suit your every need - as someone once cleverly coined the phrase: "A place for everything and everything in its place"

With a choice of with a choice of novena oak, a modern medium oak finish, or the deeply rich Mid Walnut, step inside and find the perfect walk-in wardrobe for you.