Mrs Julian, Falmouth

I was fortunate enough to have the Fitter from this Company install a complete new bedroom suite for my husband and myself.  Paul, the Fitter was absolutely amazing.  Besides the fact that he checked everything so carefully, made sure all cupboard doors fitted perfectly and closed exactly how they should do, he also was extremely careful with our home and how he used it.

He never once caught a wall when negotiating taking all the items into the necessary area for construction, and always checked everything carefully before hanging.  The way he cut the necessary corners of the bedroom to fit the coving was nothing short of perfect and I cannot stress enough how delighted we were with the whole room.  One other thing he will do, if at all possible, is ask if this is what you wanted before actually building any particular unit.  For example, I realised, when the dressing table area was in the throes of being put together and Paul checked something with me, that I wanted it to be longer than actually decided and because he had enough materials to do this, he lengthened the whole area for me.

My husband is also a Carpenter/Joiner, but now in retirement and had no wish to complete the construction himself, hence Paul.  I am so absolutely delighted he came to do the work for us.  Therefore to anyone who may read this review, Paul quite honestly is one of the best workmen I have ever come across.  Hopefully I shall be having him again sometime soon, to install another room for me. This young man takes some beating.

Delighted couple!